Chicken, Go!

Chicken Stop | 1764 1st Avenue (at 92nd St.), Manhattan | 212.831.2250

RECOMMENDING ANOTHER PLACE FOR MY Yorkvillians, an excellent place called Chicken Stop, that serves some of he best fried chicken in the whole city.

The convenience of their quick, hot delivery, and reasonably low prices only adds to their appeal. Their missteps exists on some of their other dishes (such as the fried fish combos) and on their “sides” (cheese fries, good; macaroni salad, okay; spanish rice, pass)!

Which is why I made my own this evening. I half burnt (intenetionally) some finely chopped onions in butter, then added chicken broth, rosemary, a dash of lemon juice, and a rice of Uncle Ben’s for smoky, aromatic rice. I thinly sliced a boneless pork chop, sautéed it in oil, chili powder, and parprika, added a can of lima beans, then simmered.

My fried (and BBQ roast) chicken showed up just in time…!

Bun Apple Tea!


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Chicken Stop [Closed] | 1764 1st Avenue (@ 92nd St.), Manhattan | 212.831.2250, Inc.