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THERE ARE MANY parameters that go into choosing were to PHUDE next. I have a theoretical “checklist” of sorts where I attempt to “cross” or “check” off particular criteria. These criteria use to be mostly neighborhood- and/or cuisine-related, but now that I’m a major contributor, publisher to other very notable food blogs—such as FoodBuzz, Urbanspoon, and Yelp!—I have to take new criteria into account.

One of these new criteria is is to fill gaps in the information for restaurants listed on these sites. So once I realized that I hadn’t been to the west side in a while, that I wanted to try some lobster other than my present favorite Luke’s Lobster, and saw that Urbanspoon had no photos for the west side location of 5 Napkin Burger, I knew I had to make the quick trip crosstown and treat myself to a late lunch of their lobster sliders.

The place has much of the same design style as its 45th Street original, but with the more subdued personality of the Upper West Side.

5 Napkin is most known for their excellent burgers, but I always like to see how well restaurants execute their non-signature items. And on what was another oppressively hot and humid July afternoon, the idea of a cool lobster sandwich was more than appealing.

Their Lobster Roll Sliders offerings were not so much of the ilk of the suddenly ubiquitous lobster roll as it was a lobster salad sandwich, but a very good one at that. Chopped, fresh light, pieces of lobster tossed in a small dollop of mayo with some subtle seasoning and chopped celery surprisingly let the breezy flavor properties of the lobster nicely present and hit all the right notes, while being quietly supported by “double-buttered” brioche mini buns., Inc.

Once again making good use of showing up during an off hour—about 3:30 p.m.—I also received excellent, attentive, friendly service from my waiter, Tanner, and the hostess, whose sunny disposition has made me forget her name.

Although Manhattan is surrounded by water, it boasts no beaches, as you are all aware of. But it’s nice to know that I have the option to at least pretend whether I find myself in the East Village, in my own neighborhood, and, now, on the other side of Central Park.

And I, as well, don’t have to come home with sand in my clothes…! ;)

Bun Apple Tea!


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5 Napkin Burger | 2315 Broadway (at 84th St.) | 212.333.4488 | | |, Inc.