Spice Is Nice

Spice Is Nice

SPICY SURF ‘N’ TURF STIR-FRY | Shrimp, Steak, Straw Mushrooms, Hot Chilies with Soybeans, Bok Choy

Loafing Off

…I treated myself to a meatloaf layered into tastes, textures, aromas, and depth, flavorful meats of various fattiness absorbing the aromatics of the ingredients inside it, served with a sturdy yet light side of potatoes for the bold notes of the tomato, vinegar, basil, and capers to stand on… [Full Post »]

Stuffed Italian Meatloaf

Eats Egg, Then Leaves

Egg Salad | Fried Egg Over Mixed Herbed Greens with Turkey Bacon, Shallots, Soy Sauce and Chili Oil

My Little Sweet Potato

…The sweet potato, surprisingly novel in this incarnation, was full of welcomingly palatable properties, with its firm but pliant texture evocative of mellow, almost fruity pumpkin, yet also offering the savory nuance of a squash or eggplant…. [Full post]

Surf ‘n’ Turf Starter

…Most “surf ‘n’ turf” dishes boast a flavorful earthiness,and this dish was no exception. The smokey brininess of the salmon complimented the mellow beefiness of the slightly seasoned, rare-ish steak. The very bright and peppery dressing accentuated both proteins’ flavors, and rounded them out the sweet, almost citrusy herbal hints of the sage…. [Full post]

Southern Hospitality

…Again, happiness. The meat was near fall-of-the-bone yet still plenty tender, brushed with a tangy, sweet, spicy sauce, with hints of chili powder and garlic in the seasoning and a touch of vinegar,enough to wake up the inside of my cheeks…. [Full post]

Happy Birthday, “Trixie”!

Happy Birthday, “Trixie”!

…Some I came up with a lush, rich, and sexy recipe for Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream—with Icing! which, although not having enough time to properly set, tasted wonderful, chocolatey, creamy, without being sugary sweet, helped along not only by the drizzle of icing (made from milk, heavy cream, powdered sugar and cream cheese) but by the cookies her mom had made for her birthday as well….[cont.]

Breakfast “Sammy” Whammy

…I clean up the apartment because the reason I won’t be on the computer is that I’ll be bartending Saturday and Sunday brunch until 7 p.m.—and I don’t finish those shifts even remotely sober—so I can preemptively effect some kind of decorum in my apartment before I trash it with Jagermeister-stained apparel or decide to entertain company of the complimentary gender (aren’t I ever the optimist!)…. [cont.]


Top o’ the Fridge to Ya…!

…Quick prep work, quick cooking time, and tasty enough to go down quickly, it made for a likewise very quick post, from which I get to now go work on 5 different clients’ websites, then attend my bar/restaurant’s annual holiday party…. [cont.]


Eggs Alaric

…I fried two egg yolks (with some residual egg white still on them) sunny side up in another skillet. I placed the warmed egg yolks on top of the smoked salmon, spooned some of the truffled hollandaise on top of the egg yolks, and garnished each with a small sprig of fresh dill and the end-of-a-spoon-tipful of black lumpfish caviar…. [cont.]


The Therapy of Dinner

…Angus Beef Ribeye Steak, which would get a dry rub of of salt, pepper, chili powder, nutmeg, and cayenne pepper, the skillet grilled and served over some leftover fettucuni in a bacon- and scallion- oiled garlic-blue cheese cream sauce and served with red wine-sautéed baby Portobellos and Oyster mushrooms…. [cont.]