The Initial Entry Of A New Series

…Taste-wise, the sandwich boasts porky, salty, fatty, sweet, savory, bitter, acidic notes that excite pretty much every type of taste bud on the tongue, with the added bonus of some wonderful aromatics coming off the back of the mouth and up through the nose. Texture-wise, the sandwich boasts smooth, creamy, fleshy, crunchy, crispy, wet, dry, grainy, toasty, which delights every other part of the mouth, like the teeth and gums, and tongue as well. Add to all that as well the sizzling bacon, hot tomatoes, warm tomatoes, cool cider mayo, and ice cold lettuce, and you’ve got a sandwich that hits on every level…. [Full Post »]


That’s A Wrap!

…Chimichurri-Scrambled Eggs with Bacon In Boston Lettuce Wrap, Apple Cider and Honey with Cracked Pepper Drizzle….

Rooster Call

…Farmer & Wife | Hard-Boiled Egg Wrapped in Puff Pastry with Swiss Cheese and Ham | Fresh Cold Raspberries over Boston Lettuce with Warm Butter-Mustard Vinaigrette Dressing | Orange-Tomato-Garlic Sauce….

Apple Of My (Rib)Eye

…I enjoyed a great, very tasty dinner of tender, juicy, crisped-on-the-edges steak with a hint of deep and intense, smoky coffee flavor, a bright and layered, sweet/sour/spicy steak sauce, and a light and airy fritter aromatic with the savory cornmeal yet finishing with the subtle sweetness flavor of apple…. []

Bowl Me Over

Bowl Me Over

…I made a broth from first boiling the scallion, green parts of the lettuce, and mushroom stalks—which are firmer are more fibrous than the caps—in a pot of salted water, then slow cooking them over medium heat with the pot mostly covered with a lid, letting some steam release to concentrate the broth…. [cont.]