…The chicken had “cracklin'” good skin and was minimally seasoned, letting the the flavor of the chicken shine through, its meat tender and juicy. A nice flaky exterior, an aromatic, airy interior, the biscuit tasted great in its own bitefuls or coupled with a pull of the fried chicken. The mac ‘n’ cheese, drizzled with hot sauce, was creamy smooth, cheesy without that extra “sharpness”, and its pasta maintaining an almost perfect al dente firmness…. [Full post]

REVISITED | Cascabel Taqueria

…The fritas, pretty much like everything else here that’s fried, is surprisingly light and non-greasy yet full of flavor and depth. The texture and taste of the crab were pronounced yet subtle, and the pepper aioli added the right amount of kick but didn’t linger…. [Full post]


Yo Quiero Cascabel!

…A silver tray carrying my gorditas were soon carried out to my table and immediately impressed me with their very appetizing presentation. The corn “buns” warm toasty warm and aromatic. The pork belly was especially nice since they retained the ration of lean pork to fatty pork that I like. I prefer a little more lean since, as opposed to other proteins, lean pork has plenty of flavor itself…. [cont.]


Suki To Me!

…So, yes, soup, salad, fried oysters, and three rolls should have rendered me food coma-ready, but something close to the opposite happened. My taste buds were gleefully entertained and my soul was sated, so I wound up feeling somewhat “lighter in spirit”…. [cont.]

Sushi Suki shrimp tempura roll