Sticky Sweet Sunday

Sticky Sweet Sunday

STICKY CINNAMON BUNS | Sticky Puff Pastry Cinnamon Swirl Rolls with Crushed Walnuts, Bacon, Vanilla Glaze

Sweet Creams

Sweet Creams

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE CREAM SANDWICHES | Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches with Chilled Cocoa-Whipped Cream

Chip Of The Morning

Chip Of The Morning

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH WAFFLES | Chilled Balsamic- and Brown Sugar-Marinated Raspberries | Fresh Cocoa Whipped Cream

Pumpkin High

Pumpkin High

Warm Pumpkin Bread Pudding | Brandied Maple Sauce, Vanilla Ice Cream, Pumpkin Seeds | Balon Winebar & Bistro | 245 East 81st St. (off 2nd Ave.) | 646.641.2282 |

Quality Quebecois in Queens

…Especially export was how the razor clams were diced thin, while the large scallops were left to size, cooking through the initially tougher razor clams while not over cooking the plump, delectable scallops…. [Full Post]

Seafood Cobbler with Scallops and Razor Clams

Colombia On Lex

…Everything in the shop was made from scratch, including the dough for their arepas, as well as the masa more typically (if less commonly here in the states) used as the “shell” for their empanadas, stuffed with aromatically seasoned stew beef/chicken, deep-fried to order, and served to me in mere minutes piping hot…. [Full Post]


…The food Parthenon that is Eataly, divined by restauranteurs and celebrity chefs Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich brings a spectacular culinary museum of Italian cuisine to the masses, who are literally and figuratively eating it up…. [Full post]

Sweet and Simple

…What did stand out—to me at least—was their options for savory toppings, including pretzels, tortilla chips, and, yes, wasabi pies! I decided to get a medium cup of the strawberry Fruizo (their other default flavors being banana and mango), and topped it with the wasabi peas, some pretzels, and some sliced almonds, which were a wonderful contrast flavor- and texture-wise to the robust sweetness of the strawberry in the icy, creamy-without-dairy, flavor Fruizo…. [Full post]

Hungary For Dessert

…The real sweetness would come, however, from the thicker-than-brulée shell topping of caramel (some off it seeping into the cake during baking), with its clean, deep sweetness and it’s “crackling” texture. Some leftover fresh raspberries from Monday’s breakfast that I tossed on top put the whole thing, well, over the top…. [Full post]

Like A Good Neighbor

…The side salad of arugula, fresh basil, cherry tomatoes and shaved parmesan was a perfect compliment to the dish, as was the wonderful glass of white wine, an Argentinian torrontés of bright, subtle citrus, apricot, and peach, with herbal hints, a nice “weight” (it doesn’t “coat” the inside of your mouth), and finishing clean enough that you can still enjoy the flavors of whatever you’re eating…. [Full post]

Fruitful Options

…We cleaned our plates—no small feat since these were not small portions—and I eventually convinced Danny that he couldn’t really leave without having a dessert crepe, especially with the many options for fillings, from fruit to Nutella to nuts to whipped cream to Oreos to brownies to ice cream to granola and Graham crackers. We, again, customized our own dessert crepe stuffed with fresh bananas and strawberries, and cornflakes, and topped it with drizzles of dark and white chocolate…. [Full post]

Make A Date For Tiella

…My tiella showed up looking and smelling wonderful, and they were excellently executed. A smear of foie gras, being deep with flavor, does its usual, mouth-watering wonders for the palette, with its minimal use not playing nicely with the prosciutto—San Daniele being “daintier” than most—and both rewarding the light yet firm crust and the earthy, grounding melted mozzarella…. [Full post]

Summer Breeze

Funky Cold Medinas | Sugar Cookies Ice Cream Sandwiches with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Orange Marmalade, Nutella, and Fresh Mint