Liver Lover

Liver Lover

Chicken-Fried Chicken Liver Sandwich | Spicy Basil Mustard Dressing

Indian Seas

Indian Seas

Curried Tuna Cakes | with Coconut-Red Pepper Dressing

Curried Tuna Cakes

Hot “Hand”

Ragin’ Cajun Burger | Jalapeño Relish, Pepperjack Cheese, Cool Ranch Dressing | Dorrian’s Red Hand | 1616 2nd Ave. (corner of 84th) | 212.772.6660 |

Dorrian's Ragin' Cajun Burger

Mirth of July

Mirth of July

Fried Chicken Burger Sliders | Chicken-Fried Ground Chicken Patty topped with Chilled Red Potato Salad and BBQ Mayo and Flaky Country-Style Biscuit

Fried Chicken Burger Sliders

Three If By Both

KAC Surf & Turf Burgers | Skillet-Grilled Hamburgers with Seared Scallops, Herb-Roasted Tomatoes, and Oceans Dressing

KAC Surf & Turf Burgers

Sid In The City

Sid Caesar Salad | Romaine Lettuce Hearts, Flaked Tuna, Caesar Dressing, Red Onion, Anchovies, Shaved Parmesan, Boiled Egg

Sid Caesar Salad

There’s Something About Ukraine

…From the snappy, spicy, fatty kielbasa, to the pillowy goodness of the pierogis, to the nicely seasoned minced meat, wrapped in aromatic cabbage and slathered in rich, deep, mushroom gravy, each forkful was a delight of present day culinary standards mixed with old school and old world nostalgia…. [Full Post]

Deluxe Meat Plate | Veselka


Bacon Cheeseburger with Bourbon & Brown Sugar-Caramelized Onions, American and Cheddar Cheeses, Jalapeño Thousand Island Dressing, Blue Cheese & Mustard Wasabi Sauce, Pickles, and Smoked Bacon

Thankful Handful

Thankful Handful

…Grilled Herbed Turkey Burgers with Oyster & Sausage Rye Bread Stuffing and Cranberry-Mustard Vinaigrette on Butter-Toasted Potato Buns…. [Full Post…]

Rooster Call

…Farmer & Wife | Hard-Boiled Egg Wrapped in Puff Pastry with Swiss Cheese and Ham | Fresh Cold Raspberries over Boston Lettuce with Warm Butter-Mustard Vinaigrette Dressing | Orange-Tomato-Garlic Sauce….

Surf & Turf’s Up

…I made a tuna tartare, mincing fresh raw tuna with soy sauce, salt, pepper, scallions, fish sauce, and ginger. I chilled the tartare while skillet-grilling an Angus tenderloin steak and making a hollandaise sauce incorporating wasabi paste and a little bit of mustard. After the steak was done and sat for a few minutes, I topped it with the chilled tartare, topped that with a sunny side up egg yolk, and spooned the wasabi hollandaise on top…. [Full post]

Seasonally Bipolar

Seasonally Bipolar

…The jalepeño·barbecue burger dog was a bit more of a revelation, if only in the dressing. I had never made that before, but after the first few bites of its smoky, tangy, sweet, and creamy properties—heightened by the acidic heat of the jalapeños, I immediately started to imagine all other future applications for it. I promise, this dressing will make a return!… [Full post]

Surf ‘n’ Turf Starter

…Most “surf ‘n’ turf” dishes boast a flavorful earthiness,and this dish was no exception. The smokey brininess of the salmon complimented the mellow beefiness of the slightly seasoned, rare-ish steak. The very bright and peppery dressing accentuated both proteins’ flavors, and rounded them out the sweet, almost citrusy herbal hints of the sage…. [Full post]

Fire By The Sea

Fire By The Sea

Salmon Carpaccio | Scallion Salad | Seared Tuna with Lemon-Wasabi Dressing | Mini Apple Crunch

Suki To Me!

…So, yes, soup, salad, fried oysters, and three rolls should have rendered me food coma-ready, but something close to the opposite happened. My taste buds were gleefully entertained and my soul was sated, so I wound up feeling somewhat “lighter in spirit”…. [cont.]

Sushi Suki shrimp tempura roll

Oh, Snapper!

I PROMISED MYSELF THAT THIS week I would at least attempt to start eating healthy. Or healthi-er. So after last week’s fried food festival, I started today with a turkey sandwich on wheat and container of orange juice. Then, as I joined my friend, Danny, on a quick vehicular errand to retrieve sundries for his bar, I imagined what my next meal would be…. [cont.]