Grub Med

…The broadly seasoned merguez’s flavors delighted my taste buds, from the tip of my tongue to the back of my mouth, and the herbaceousness of the olive oil and sparse caramelization of the sautéed onions countered nicely any gaminess of the lamb’s inherent properties while supplying that last bit of moisture to the lamb’s more naturally lean meat…. [Full Post]

Quinoa Salad, Balaboosta

Wonderful Wonderland

Wonderful Wonderland

ALICE’S TEA CUP (Chapter II) | 156 East 64th St. (bet. Lexington & 3rd Aves.) | 212.535.2424 |

Hakuna Frittata

Roast Beef, Potato, and Fontina Cheese Frittata with Red Pepper Cream Sauce

Roast Beef, Potato, Fontina Cheese Frittata

When Pigs Roll

Deep-Fried Pork and Scallion Meatballs with Sweet & Spicy Mustard

Angel On My Shoulder

Slow-Roasted Pork with Savory Saffron Banana Mash | Sunny Side Up Eggs with BBQ Pork Cracklins and Fried Scallions | Pulled Pork Sandwich on Country Rye

Rooster Call

…Farmer & Wife | Hard-Boiled Egg Wrapped in Puff Pastry with Swiss Cheese and Ham | Fresh Cold Raspberries over Boston Lettuce with Warm Butter-Mustard Vinaigrette Dressing | Orange-Tomato-Garlic Sauce….

Apple Of My (Rib)Eye

…I enjoyed a great, very tasty dinner of tender, juicy, crisped-on-the-edges steak with a hint of deep and intense, smoky coffee flavor, a bright and layered, sweet/sour/spicy steak sauce, and a light and airy fritter aromatic with the savory cornmeal yet finishing with the subtle sweetness flavor of apple…. []

Surf & Turf’s Up

…I made a tuna tartare, mincing fresh raw tuna with soy sauce, salt, pepper, scallions, fish sauce, and ginger. I chilled the tartare while skillet-grilling an Angus tenderloin steak and making a hollandaise sauce incorporating wasabi paste and a little bit of mustard. After the steak was done and sat for a few minutes, I topped it with the chilled tartare, topped that with a sunny side up egg yolk, and spooned the wasabi hollandaise on top…. [Full post]

A Day in the Life of Hamburger Buns

….Two were of a kind of steak burger prep, with steak sauce, raw and fried onions, and bacon. The other two had the addition of sweet and spicy elements, making a pineapple mustard from scratch, pickling raw onions in balsamic vinegar, and two slices of crispy bacon, and kicking the whole burger up with sweet relish and hot jalapeños. All four burgers sat very nicely on four toasted hamburger buns…. [Full post]

Good Morning Boost

Energy Kitchen | Various Locations | I LOVE SURPRISES. Being a cynic-slash-skeptic makes them,…

The Early Bird

…The vinaigrette also added nuance to the earthy, herbal chicken meat, brightening the meat’s flavor with its hits of vinegar, as the red pepper flakes balanced the natural sweetness of the green beans and woke up the corners of my mouth, like a jolt of coffee, preparing me for the rest of my day… [Full post]

<small><i>Quick Post</i> |</small> Pesto Change-o

Quick Post | Pesto Change-o

…I prepared a box of couscous, first sautéing sliced garlic and pine nuts in butter in the bottom of a medium-sized pot, then using water and apple juice as my liquid, letting it boil, stirring in the dry couscous, taking it off the heat. Then, after letting it steam itself to doneness, fork fluffing it with a little extra butter and some diced mint leaves, spooning on a plate, topping it with the red snapper, and serving it with oven-toasted pita bread brushed with a rosemary-honey-olive oil mixture…. [Full post]

<small><i>Quick Post</i> |</small> Assorted Italian Chicks

Quick Post | Assorted Italian Chicks

….Wanting to keep it Italian at heart and simple, I picked up stuff for two different versions of the bruschetta. One version would get fresh mozzarella, a tomato and basil salad, and be topped with a sunny side up egg, the other would get proscuitto, pesto, parmesan cheese…. [Full post]

Five Four Sixty Six, One

Five Four Sixty Six, One

… Having little client work today—and not even by design—I looked forward to making it as much as a PHUDE-related day as possible, firstly affording myself a home cooked meal. I whisked some dried tarragon leaves, fresh cracked pepper, and a little salt into some eggs, and in a separate small skillet, heated some “back bacon” which are thin, rounder strips that boast a line of fat from what is the pork belly section of the pig with the much leaner oval of the loin part…. [Full post]

To Curry Flavor

To Curry Flavor

…I decided I would spice them up a little. Usually I do that by just adding some tabasco, but I decided to take the extra step. I diluted some hot Madras powder and red curry powder in a little cider vinegar. I then stirred in some spicy brown mustard, sour cream, salt, pepper, a dash of lemon juice, and, eventually, the set yolks of the boiled eggs, using a spatula to smooth the lumps out of the mixture… [Full post…]

Mushroom With A View

Mushroom With A View

…I still had some fresh sour cream and a half container of white mushrooms, which I sliced and sautéed in some butter. I then spooned them into a omelet—of whisked eggs, salt, pepper, and dried basil, oregano, and tarragon—along with a couple spoonfuls of sour cream (with an extra dollop on top with some black lumpfish caviar)…. [full post]

24/7 Food Heaven, Dude!

24/7 Food Heaven, Dude!

…Stirring two cups of heavy cream into six whisked eggs, adding a little spicy brown mustard (eff you, Dijon…!), worcestershire sauce, liquid smoke, chili powder, tobasco sauce, garlic powder, salt, fresh cracked pepper, a pinch of nutmeg, stirring in two cups of shredded sharp cheddar cheese and a cup of baked ham, separating the liquid base into two frozen pie shells, sprinkling another cup of shredded cheese and a few shakes of paprika and chili powder on top of each pie, and placing the pies on the middle rack of a 375°-preheated oven…. [cont.]

Good Morning, Mexico

Good Morning, Mexico

…The new brunch items include a sunnyside up egg dish (with fried tortillas, shredded amish chicken, salsa, queso cotija), a scrambled egg dish (with pico de gallo, , salsa verde, and queso fresca), and a dish called Huevos Al Horno Con Chorizo (skilled-baked eggs over plancha-grilled chorizo, fingerling potatoes, and red onions, then topped with queso fresca and served with warm, soft flour tortillas on the side), which I ordered…. [cont.]

Just Enough Time To Eat and Share

Just Enough Time To Eat and Share

…But I still have just enough time to cook at home, so here I share with you this morning’s breakfast (that I shared with a lovely friend of mine—just had to get that in!)… [cont.]