Hot “Hand”

Ragin’ Cajun Burger | Jalapeño Relish, Pepperjack Cheese, Cool Ranch Dressing | Dorrian’s Red Hand | 1616 2nd Ave. (corner of 84th) | 212.772.6660 |

Dorrian's Ragin' Cajun Burger

Am I Blue?

…The burger is decent, nothing more. Plenty juicy, but lacking in any real identifiable flavor. I more “felt” the patties in my mouth as I chewed them than tasted them, lucky to have all those condiments and melted cheese slices to keep my taste buds occupied…. [Full Post]

Double Cheeseburger Combo, Blue 9 Burger

Short and Sweet

…It was a very tasty and juicy cut of meat, nicely seasoned, slicing tenderly, and perfectly grizzled on its edges. A house-made chimichurri sauce brightened each feral and earthy bite with fresh herbal notes and peppery highlights…. [Full post]

(Sub)Mission Accomplished

…Not overly seasoned, this is a deceptively light yet filling sandwich, with its unique flavors and textures—pliant pink slabs of meat with tongue-teasing, slightly burnt edges—it needed nothing more than the reliable platform of two slices of untoasted rye bread and a “wink” of mustard to shine…. [Full Post]

Branching Out West

…Both apps (yes, we shared of course) were quite good, a step up from the kind of finger food you get at upscale corporate dinner functions (is that really a complimemt?). The grougeres—I hardly expected so may—were lighter in texture and taste than they looked, with the taste of Cheddar hit the taste buds last without any of the texture of cheese…. [Full post]

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