Rib Ticklin’ Good

Rib Ticklin’ Good

CHICKEN-FRIED PORK SPARERIBS | Roasted Brussel Sprout Slaw | Brown Butter Biscuits with Rosemary

An Irish Brogue-er, Pt. 1

An Irish Brogue-er, Pt. 1

“Erin Go” Burger | Irish Whiskey-Grilled Beef Burger with Irish Cheddar, Irish Bacon, Grilled Tomatoes, Scallion-Mashed Potatoes, Guinness Beef Gravy

"Erin Go" Burger with Irish Cheddar and Irish Bacon

Jacob’s Latter

…The delicious buttermilk fried chicken’s taste and juiciness easily reminded me of many happy South Carolina family dinners, while the sausage gravy, while surprisingly light on the flour, was abundant with a variety of spices, the whole combination in each forkful being a delight to every section of my palate…. [Full Post]

Sausage gravy-smothered buttermilk fried chicken with biscuit

There’s Something About Ukraine

…From the snappy, spicy, fatty kielbasa, to the pillowy goodness of the pierogis, to the nicely seasoned minced meat, wrapped in aromatic cabbage and slathered in rich, deep, mushroom gravy, each forkful was a delight of present day culinary standards mixed with old school and old world nostalgia…. [Full Post]

Deluxe Meat Plate | Veselka

Families First at “2nd” on First

…The pastrami teeming with flavor, and not just from its perfectly warmed and rendering fat, adding just the right amount of moisture to every bite. The lean folds highlighted the beef’s natural earthiness and nuanced sweetness. The rye bread added aromatic hints, and the kicky, textured grain mustard made sure the every taste bud got something to enjoy….. [Full Post]

Hot Pastrami & Liverwurst on Rye | 2nd Avenue Deli

Thankful Handful

Thankful Handful

…Grilled Herbed Turkey Burgers with Oyster & Sausage Rye Bread Stuffing and Cranberry-Mustard Vinaigrette on Butter-Toasted Potato Buns…. [Full Post…]

(Sub)Mission Accomplished

…Not overly seasoned, this is a deceptively light yet filling sandwich, with its unique flavors and textures—pliant pink slabs of meat with tongue-teasing, slightly burnt edges—it needed nothing more than the reliable platform of two slices of untoasted rye bread and a “wink” of mustard to shine…. [Full Post]