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Nacho Dog

Ssäm I Am

…the percentage of lean, slowly roasted duck meat to the slightly rendered, protective layer of fat to the self-basted, crispy skin was outstanding to visually behold as well as slowly consume, enjoying the purity of it all at first that it took me a while to even address the possibilities of adding the condiments…. [Full Post]

Quick Post | Ducking In

…They were ready in minutes and excellent, as was expected, showcasing much of its duck flavor and rewarding it’s inherent gaminess with a sweet and lightly spicy hoisin-based dipping sauce. And they were successful at differentiating themselves from the other likewise excellent varieties…. [Full post]

On My Own

On My Own

…As they fried, I heated a sauce of sriracha sauce, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, garlic powder, honey, chili powder, chili oil, sesame oil, and butter in a deep skillet, into which the wings—that had come out of the fryer and dried on some paper towels—got thrown into and tossed until fully coated… [Full post…]

Wingin’ In The Rain

Wingin’ In The Rain

…But the flavors were all present and spot on, soy sauce-based spicy and sweetness in the still juicy and sizable wings (take note, KyoChon!), and the delicious pork filling, heady with tang and aromatics, were supported nicely by the simple, chewy dough and a dollop of their iteration of a hoisin sauce…. [Full post…]

Fatty Crab Is No Joke!

…Trixie and I were happy and full, as I asked for a doggy bag for the remaining mussels and duck (The Fatty Dog had been completely obliterated!). We were finally done…. HA! Or so we thought. The manager, Dave (I believe his name was), brought us out some panna cotta with coconut and nuts. Are you kidding me! And, it was on the house. I guess all my talking did us some good!, I was thinking of gloating to Trixie. That was until I just happende to catch, and watch, old school New York City comedy god (and tenured member of LAW & ORDER: SVU, Richard Belzer walk right by our table….. [Full post]