Pumpkin High

Pumpkin High

Warm Pumpkin Bread Pudding | Brandied Maple Sauce, Vanilla Ice Cream, Pumpkin Seeds | Balon Winebar & Bistro | 245 East 81st St. (off 2nd Ave.) | 646.641.2282 | balonwinebar.com

Like A Good Neighbor

…The side salad of arugula, fresh basil, cherry tomatoes and shaved parmesan was a perfect compliment to the dish, as was the wonderful glass of white wine, an Argentinian torrontés of bright, subtle citrus, apricot, and peach, with herbal hints, a nice “weight” (it doesn’t “coat” the inside of your mouth), and finishing clean enough that you can still enjoy the flavors of whatever you’re eating…. [Full post]

Frequent Fryer, Pt. 2

…At only $12, they are, like their clam counterpart, a great appetizer to split between two people before chowing down on lobster or shrimp rolls, or for one person to completely fill up of some plump, tender shrimp, fried in a simply seasoned crackermeal, and served with a bright, piquant cocktail sauce, deep with earthy hot horseradish…. [Full post]

Conflicts Happily Resolved

…This sandwich was, to use a New York-ism, off the hook! Flaky, firm fish, marinated in a slightly salty, rich, sweet sauce, complimented by bright, earthy cilantro, fragrant dill, punchy onion jam, and kicky sriracha. Everything a love about tastes, temperatures and textures was outstandingly present in each bite…. [Full post]

Summer Breeze

Funky Cold Medinas | Sugar Cookies Ice Cream Sandwiches with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Orange Marmalade, Nutella, and Fresh Mint

Grom Is Da’ Bomb!

…Creamy it was, perfect cold temperature, and rich and layered with a host of complimentary flavors. A nice, clean yet robust vanilla flavor evened the smoothness of the “egg cream”-based gelato. Shards of pure chocolate were small enough to melt on the tongue on contact, while the cornmeal helped keep the biscuits crispy and crunchy until the very last spoonful…. [Full post]

Five Four Sixty Six, Finale

Five Four Sixty Six, Finale

… To review the sundae would be moot; this experience was much more about celebration! The ambience, the memories, and the nostalgia-inducing pleasure that only sweet, almost frozen strawberries, whipped cream, and cheese cake can provide, put my whole day over the top…. [Full post]

Crépe Me An Offer I Can’t Refuse

Yorkville Creperie | 1586 York Ave. (bet. 83rd & 84th Sts.) | 212.570.5445 | yorkvillecreperienyc.com

…I believe I finished that too; I was so heady with delight I can’t seem to remember! This was all about contrasts. Texture (the soft, billowy crépe, the firm yet melt-in-your-mouth apples, the still crunchy corn flakes), temperature (the cold but not frozen, creamy ice cream, again, the warm, cake-y crépe and hot apples), was a mouth orgy, and all without being heavy, too rich, or overly sweet!… [cont.]