Frequent Fryer, Pt. 2

…At only $12, they are, like their clam counterpart, a great appetizer to split between two people before chowing down on lobster or shrimp rolls, or for one person to completely fill up of some plump, tender shrimp, fried in a simply seasoned crackermeal, and served with a bright, piquant cocktail sauce, deep with earthy hot horseradish…. [Full post]

Conflicts Happily Resolved

…This sandwich was, to use a New York-ism, off the hook! Flaky, firm fish, marinated in a slightly salty, rich, sweet sauce, complimented by bright, earthy cilantro, fragrant dill, punchy onion jam, and kicky sriracha. Everything a love about tastes, temperatures and textures was outstandingly present in each bite…. [Full post]

Happy Birthday, “Trixie”!

Happy Birthday, “Trixie”!

…Some I came up with a lush, rich, and sexy recipe for Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream—with Icing! which, although not having enough time to properly set, tasted wonderful, chocolatey, creamy, without being sugary sweet, helped along not only by the drizzle of icing (made from milk, heavy cream, powdered sugar and cream cheese) but by the cookies her mom had made for her birthday as well….[cont.]