“‘Gram” I Am

“‘Gram” I Am

MAINE LOBSTER CAKES | Salted Saffron Butter Sauce, Alfalfa Sprouts | PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND MUSSELS | Smoked Paprika Tomato Thyme Broth | lobstergram.com

Dive Into The Seahorse Tavern

…The Seahorse Tavern represents a long overdue post for real adults to chow down on some down-home chowder, sling back some raw Blue Point oysters with a pint of Blue Moon Belgian Wheat Ale, or enjoy Basque-style mussels and lemon sole with a friend or date over a bottle of moschofilero from Greece…. [Full Post]

Cod | The Seafood Tavern

Twas The Season

…They were serving something that—at least on the night that we were there—quickly became known as the “Crack Sandwich”. It was the Fried Chicken Biscuit Sandwich, made from scratch on premise, with buttery and flaky biscuits, fresh boneless fried chicken, hot sauce, and butter…. [Full Post]

Lobster Roll Rocks!

…This lobster roll is likewise outstanding, the variety of lobster meat parts having their own unique tastes of the ocean and their slightly different textures, but tender in their firmness and full of flavor that shown brightly through the smidge of mayo and and marginal seasoning mostly made up of a variety of salts, making it taste even more “ocean-fresh”…. [Full post]

Trash Is Now A Greater Treasure

…This is the beautiful kind of tender, juicy, flavorful burger that requires you to eat it over your plate as the burger’s clear juices run over your fingers and down your chin. It will force me to reconfigure my top NYC burger list, but not while I was enjoying it. Even the bright but not too sweet or sour pickles were a pleasure…. [Full post]

Seaside On The West Side

…Their Lobster Roll Sliders offerings were not so much of the ilk of the suddenly ubiquitous lobster roll as it was a lobster salad sandwich, but a very good one at that. Chopped, fresh light, pieces of lobster tossed in a small dollop of mayo with some subtle seasoning and chopped celery surprisingly let the breezy flavor properties of the lobster nicely present and hit all the right notes, while being quietly supported by “double-buttered” brioche mini buns…. [Full post]

Sea, Sea, Señorita

…The taste and aroma of saffron imparted wonderfully throughout the many elements of this dish while letting individual components speak for themselves. The mussels, by their very nature, a bit more earthy in taste than the clams, which countered by having a bigger, nicely briny belly. Both the shrimp and lobster meat cooked firm without becoming tough or stringy, and was a nice “spongy” conduit to all of the seasonings and residually cooked through oils…. [Full post]

Too Much Of A Good Thing

…The lightly buttered, toasted bread a more than capable dais on which to perch its tasty ingredients. The shrimp was prepared perfectly, firm but not tough. The cooling crab was nicely flaky and lumpy and full of deep sea taste. The lobster was so fresh you it took us out of the city and somewhere where sea mists cooled off our faces…. [Full post]

Luke’s Is On A Roll

Luke’s Is On A Roll

…Save a few gems, dining in his area was serviceable at best, offering a paucity of variety in types of cuisine and too many inconsistent purveyors if each. I was getting tired of having to travel down to the Lower East Side/East Vilalge for authentic dishes of arepas, currywurst, Italian roast pork, artisinal pizza, a decent plate of meatballs, and, yes, a yummy lobster roll… [Full Post]

Hester Street Flair

Hester Street Flair

… As I fought back figurative fears, the others welcomed the invitation to frenzy feed, making quick work of all macaroons, popcorn, and chocolate-covered bacon. I was able to save a slice for myself, and decided I would only give up one bite of my Porchetta sandwich, since I knew it would be the first thing I’d want to eat once I got hungry again…. [Full post]

Luke’s Is On A Roll

Luke’s Is On A Roll

…I was first impressed with the impact of genuine Maine lobster flavor, even with it seeming to be minimally seasoned, though seasoned quite properly. The tail and claw meat chunks were firm yet tender, moist, and were well served by an evenly and lightly toasted bun, and an extra dash (after a few bites) of their “secret” seasoning, cutely contained in a lobster claw-shaped dispenser…. [Full post]