Hot Piggin’ Out

Hot Piggin’ Out

Asian Sweet & Spicy BBQ Pork Meatballs | Sticky Rice with Black Sesame Seeds

Asian Sweet & Spicy BBQ Pork Meatballs

Pinche Bueno

…these razor clams, whose smooth, toothsome yet nicely creamy texture and deep, briny properties were deftly complimented by the kicky heat of the chili and sweetness of the caramelized garlic flavor in the oil…. [Full Post]

Razor Clams, Cantina by Cascabel

Angel On My Shoulder

Slow-Roasted Pork with Savory Saffron Banana Mash | Sunny Side Up Eggs with BBQ Pork Cracklins and Fried Scallions | Pulled Pork Sandwich on Country Rye

In Short Order

…Yes, warm, thick slices of bread singing with bouquets of vanilla and nutmeg were a great base for the assortment of berries and melon and cantaloupe. The bacon had perfect “chew” and great flavor without being overly salty. The mellow maple rewarded me by topping mouthfuls of however many different elements I could fit on my fork at one time…. [Full post]

Rooster Call

…Farmer & Wife | Hard-Boiled Egg Wrapped in Puff Pastry with Swiss Cheese and Ham | Fresh Cold Raspberries over Boston Lettuce with Warm Butter-Mustard Vinaigrette Dressing | Orange-Tomato-Garlic Sauce….

Apple Of My (Rib)Eye

…I enjoyed a great, very tasty dinner of tender, juicy, crisped-on-the-edges steak with a hint of deep and intense, smoky coffee flavor, a bright and layered, sweet/sour/spicy steak sauce, and a light and airy fritter aromatic with the savory cornmeal yet finishing with the subtle sweetness flavor of apple…. []

Summer Breeze

Funky Cold Medinas | Sugar Cookies Ice Cream Sandwiches with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Orange Marmalade, Nutella, and Fresh Mint

<small>UPDATE |</small> Dog Days of Summer

UPDATE | Dog Days of Summer

…So I again skillet-grilled two Thumann’s Pork & Beef Hot Dogs and placed them into toasted hot dog buns, topping them with shrimp (this time boiled in water, butter and lemon juice instead of sautéing them in butter and garlic), wasabi mayo, sriracha sauce, pickled orange peppers, and cilantro, and bringing them downstairs on a paper plate to Ali and Chris to try…. [Full post]

Dogs Days of Summer

…Both were tasty; the Italian-themed one serving up some nice homey and familiar old world tastes, the other a cornucopia of textures, temperature, flavors, all of them brightly explosive, almost, with neither of the hotdogs’ toppings overwhelming or masking the well-seasoned, snappy, juicy meat…. [Full post]

Chili of the Sea

Chili of the Sea

…I then sliced two tilapia filets into big chucks and threw them in the pot with a can of whole clams (I wanted to represent—in a Sloppy Jill—the many layers of women, so I used a flake fish, a crustacean, and a bivalve), continuing to stir over medium low heat until the tilapia fell apart into flakes but kept their firmness, about 10 minutes. I then let it simmer for another 5 minutes, letting extra liquid steam off until giving the mixture its necessary chili-like consistency…. [Full post]



…I won’t ever give up omelets or pancakes or French toast forever, but considering not only the great tastes in these two dishes, but how much healthier (lower in carbs, cholesterol, sugars) they were as well, I think I could make a good case for eating like this more often during the a.m. hours…. [Full post]

Five Four Sixty Six, Three

Five Four Sixty Six, Three

…Yasuda’s rice is a star in itself, with silky, firm pearls of kernels with the added palatable ambience of traditionally-aged vinegar. The rice doesn’t just support the fish, but accentuates it as well, helping the tongue appreciate each different fish’ individual nuance and taste, from the silky and clean earthiness of the King Salmon to the creamy, briny—but not “fishy”—unctuousness of the Sea Urchin…. [Full post]

White On Rice

White On Rice

…I started the risotto in a large, deep skillet by sautéing the white mushrooms, thinly sliced, in some olive oil salt and fresh cracked pepper. Then a cup of white rice was stirred in, making sure to coat them in the oil. Then—yes, a slow and steady process—I continued to stir the rice, spooning in some chopped garlic, then adding chicken stock, a little wine, and some water, for 15–20 minutes, finishing it with finely chopped cauliflower (earlier steamed), a little heavy cream, some shaved parmesan cheese, salt and fresh cracked pepper…. [Full post]

Happy Birthday, “Trixie”!

Happy Birthday, “Trixie”!

…Some I came up with a lush, rich, and sexy recipe for Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream—with Icing! which, although not having enough time to properly set, tasted wonderful, chocolatey, creamy, without being sugary sweet, helped along not only by the drizzle of icing (made from milk, heavy cream, powdered sugar and cream cheese) but by the cookies her mom had made for her birthday as well….[cont.]

Quick Post | Rib Tickling

…but I did make it worth my while by parboiling the ribs in orange soda (?!) and finishing them in the oven with a glaze of chili sauce, orange peel, crushed garlic and honey!… [cont.]

Eggs Alaric

…I fried two egg yolks (with some residual egg white still on them) sunny side up in another skillet. I placed the warmed egg yolks on top of the smoked salmon, spooned some of the truffled hollandaise on top of the egg yolks, and garnished each with a small sprig of fresh dill and the end-of-a-spoon-tipful of black lumpfish caviar…. [cont.]


Meatless Inspiration

INSPIRATION CAN COME FROM ANYWHERE. And many times, that “where” can be as much of a surprise as what it does indeed inspire. Better yet, though, is finding that one thing that is a constant and never-ending source of inspiration…. [cont.]