Savory Oatmeal with Mixed Mushrooms | with Small Green Peas, Goat Cheese, and Poached Egg Yolk

Savory Oatmeal with Mixed Mushrooms

A Mixer-Supper

Mixed Seafood Fry | Cornmeal-Fried Tilapia, Tuna Steak, Shrimp, Oysters | Spicy Chili·Apple·Garlic Sauce | Vinegared Rice with Honeydew Melon

Mixed Seafood Fry

Dive Into The Seahorse Tavern

…The Seahorse Tavern represents a long overdue post for real adults to chow down on some down-home chowder, sling back some raw Blue Point oysters with a pint of Blue Moon Belgian Wheat Ale, or enjoy Basque-style mussels and lemon sole with a friend or date over a bottle of moschofilero from Greece…. [Full Post]

Cod | The Seafood Tavern

Baked Alaska

…Add to that the melange of flavors and aromas: the rich mustard with the soft, small pearls of punch, the cooling ginger, the kicky chili, the verdant dill, and the heady cognac, all of which bouyantly supported the flavors of the mouthful bites of the salmons without once overwhelming or masking them…. [Full Post]

Salmon Pot Pie

With A Little Help From My Friends

…I sautéed shiitake and oyster mushrooms with diced pancetta, and scallions, added some heavy cream, a bit of dijon mustard, some salt, fresh cracked pepper, celery salt, and a dash of nutmeg, then stirred in a half cup each of swiss, fontina, and parmesan cheese until I had a nice, aromatic creamy, gooey sauce…. [Full Post]

Thankful Handful

Thankful Handful

…Grilled Herbed Turkey Burgers with Oyster & Sausage Rye Bread Stuffing and Cranberry-Mustard Vinaigrette on Butter-Toasted Potato Buns…. [Full Post…]

Fairer Jacques

… I loved the texture of the finely chopped proteins in this terrine, mildly spiced to compliment the pork and moderate any gaminess in the rabbit, and wrapped in bacon for extra flavor. The mustards provided any amount of kick I needed, the cranberry being extra pleasant, adding a nice layer of flavor, as fruits do, to the game meat… [Full post]

A Day On The Half Shell

…I recently had some great Mystic oysters at Flex Mussels; I described them as “large, meaty, silky, creamy, briny…, and tasty”…. [Full post]

Southern Asia

Ginger-Sesame-Soy Shrimp and Sausage over Wasabi Grits with Fresh Rosemary

Too Much Of A Good Thing

…The lightly buttered, toasted bread a more than capable dais on which to perch its tasty ingredients. The shrimp was prepared perfectly, firm but not tough. The cooling crab was nicely flaky and lumpy and full of deep sea taste. The lobster was so fresh you it took us out of the city and somewhere where sea mists cooled off our faces…. [Full post]

Five Four Sixty Six, Three

Five Four Sixty Six, Three

…Yasuda’s rice is a star in itself, with silky, firm pearls of kernels with the added palatable ambience of traditionally-aged vinegar. The rice doesn’t just support the fish, but accentuates it as well, helping the tongue appreciate each different fish’ individual nuance and taste, from the silky and clean earthiness of the King Salmon to the creamy, briny—but not “fishy”—unctuousness of the Sea Urchin…. [Full post]

Yo Quiero Cascabel!

…A silver tray carrying my gorditas were soon carried out to my table and immediately impressed me with their very appetizing presentation. The corn “buns” warm toasty warm and aromatic. The pork belly was especially nice since they retained the ration of lean pork to fatty pork that I like. I prefer a little more lean since, as opposed to other proteins, lean pork has plenty of flavor itself…. [cont.]


Suki To Me!

…So, yes, soup, salad, fried oysters, and three rolls should have rendered me food coma-ready, but something close to the opposite happened. My taste buds were gleefully entertained and my soul was sated, so I wound up feeling somewhat “lighter in spirit”…. [cont.]

Sushi Suki shrimp tempura roll

Meatless Inspiration

INSPIRATION CAN COME FROM ANYWHERE. And many times, that “where” can be as much of a surprise as what it does indeed inspire. Better yet, though, is finding that one thing that is a constant and never-ending source of inspiration…. [cont.]


The Therapy of Dinner

…Angus Beef Ribeye Steak, which would get a dry rub of of salt, pepper, chili powder, nutmeg, and cayenne pepper, the skillet grilled and served over some leftover fettucuni in a bacon- and scallion- oiled garlic-blue cheese cream sauce and served with red wine-sautéed baby Portobellos and Oyster mushrooms…. [cont.]