Slices of Heaven

Heavenly White Pizza Pies | Fresh Mozzarella, Fontina, Parmesan, Goat Cheese, White Truffle Oil (with and without White Anchovy)

Heavenly White Pizza Pie with Anchovy

Home In A Bite

Thanksgiving Pie | Baked Herb-Stewed Ground Turkey with Dried Cranberries and Pancetta on Cornbread Crumble with Savory Mashed Sweet Potato Topping

Thanksgiving Pie

Quality Quebecois in Queens

…Especially export was how the razor clams were diced thin, while the large scallops were left to size, cooking through the initially tougher razor clams while not over cooking the plump, delectable scallops…. [Full Post]

Seafood Cobbler with Scallops and Razor Clams

Baked Alaska

…Add to that the melange of flavors and aromas: the rich mustard with the soft, small pearls of punch, the cooling ginger, the kicky chili, the verdant dill, and the heady cognac, all of which bouyantly supported the flavors of the mouthful bites of the salmons without once overwhelming or masking them…. [Full Post]

Salmon Pot Pie

Getting Ziggy With It

…A very decent pie this was. A nice, pliable but not doughy crust, with a thin strong fold but without the more the more New York-style “crisp”. The cheeses were traditionally rustic and aromatic, the sausage buoyantly spicy and sweet, and all of it drizzled with a clean and earthy olive oil that brought all the good flavors together with each bite… [Full post]

<small>UPDATE |</small> You Wanna Pizza Me…?!

UPDATE | You Wanna Pizza Me…?!

…I topped the cheese spread with slices of fresh mozzarella, then thinly sliced white mushrooms, and more thinly sliced scallops. I finished it with drizzles of olive oil and the juice of half a lemon, then popped that into a preheated oven set to broil…. [Full post]

What Up, Home Slice?

What Up, Home Slice?

…Many of the these places have continued the evolution of the vegetable slice, which, back in the day, started with just peppers and/or onions, then mushrooms, then eggplant, then spinach, then broccoli…. [full post]

24/7 Food Heaven, Dude!

24/7 Food Heaven, Dude!

…Stirring two cups of heavy cream into six whisked eggs, adding a little spicy brown mustard (eff you, Dijon…!), worcestershire sauce, liquid smoke, chili powder, tobasco sauce, garlic powder, salt, fresh cracked pepper, a pinch of nutmeg, stirring in two cups of shredded sharp cheddar cheese and a cup of baked ham, separating the liquid base into two frozen pie shells, sprinkling another cup of shredded cheese and a few shakes of paprika and chili powder on top of each pie, and placing the pies on the middle rack of a 375°-preheated oven…. [cont.]

Pulino’s Just Might Deserve (and Survive) The Hype

Pulino’s Just Might Deserve (and Survive) The Hype

…But eventually you have to give McNally some credit. I’ve liked—if not raved about—the food at Pravda and Balthazar, and frequented those for many years regardless. Pulino’s will have its heralders—and, I’m sure, some detractors—but longer after fanfare, discussions and debates have subsided and been forwarded to the new “next big thing”, people will be squeezing in rezys and inviting their friends to grab a bite and a beer here with them…. [Full post]

Overthrill, Pt. 1

Overthrill, Pt. 1

…It was a little after 2 p.m. and the place gets crowded pretty quickly with just a handful of customers, as it did as I finished my second slice and worried that I had, again, cut my eating agenda short, having left scant room in my tummy for zeppoles of any kind (or the Brendan-recommended cream puffs that Led Zeppole seems to also be famous for)…. [Full post]

EVENT | National Pizza Week, Part 4 | ‘Nabe ‘Za Faves

…And almost every neighborhood in at least 4 of the five boroughs has a pizza place with minutes of their doorstep. And if you live in a neighborhood like mine—where pizzerias average 1.3 per block, you’re going to want to do the work of finding out where you $2.50–$3.75 per slice is best spent…. [Full post]

National Pizza Week, Part 3 | Old School vs. New School

National Pizza Week, Part 3 | Old School vs. New School

…I’m starting to learn that I am acquiring a preference for the “new school”-ology of pizza prep. The use of fresh products and foods, cooked quickly and/or barely to maintain not only the integrity of their flavors, but their textures as well. Letting the ingredients sing as individuals while only improving as a whole…. [cont.]

National Pizza Week, Part 1

…They were also kind enough to let me take photos of the space, which I did as inobtrusively as possible, since there was a decent collection of customers at the tables. The room is thin and long, but very comfortable and homey, warm and unhurried, and a little bit rustic, with its yellow washes, wood trims, framed black & white photos, and exposed rock walls…. [Full post]

A Visit from My Italian Grandmother

…All things in a vacuum this was not. I was hungover, hungry, tempted by the slices I saw on the Serious Eats blog, and half medicated with Tylenol PM when I started eating. And since I need only that pizza be made by people who want to make good food, and not just a lot of it, to make me happy, I was made happy…. [cont.]