Good Corning

Homemade Corned Beef Hash | Easy Over Fried Egg

Corned Beef Hash with Egg and Toast

High Braise, Indeed!

Hard-Cider Braised Pork Spareribs with Apples and Fennel | Spiced Sweet Potato Mash

Hard Cider-Braised Spareribs with Fennel

Breakfast Ballin’

Black Pepper-Scrambled Eggs with Meatballs | Cornmeal-Fried Red Tomato | Parmesan Toast

Scrambled Eggs With Meatballs

New Jack Country

….I employ a “double dredge” technique in which I first drdge pieces of fresh chicken into flour seasoned with various spices, then dip them into some dry herb-infused whisked egg wash, then back into the seasoned flour before going into my cast iron skillet… [Full Post]

Fried Chicken | Collard Greens with Smoked Turkey Necks


Bacon Cheeseburger with Bourbon & Brown Sugar-Caramelized Onions, American and Cheddar Cheeses, Jalapeño Thousand Island Dressing, Blue Cheese & Mustard Wasabi Sauce, Pickles, and Smoked Bacon

Oh, Cappy Day

Mini Puff Pastry Quiche with Cappicola Ham, Cheddar and Ricotta Cheeses, and Caramelized Onions

Mini Puff Pastry Quiche

Baked Alaska

…Add to that the melange of flavors and aromas: the rich mustard with the soft, small pearls of punch, the cooling ginger, the kicky chili, the verdant dill, and the heady cognac, all of which bouyantly supported the flavors of the mouthful bites of the salmons without once overwhelming or masking them…. [Full Post]

Salmon Pot Pie

When Pigs Roll

Deep-Fried Pork and Scallion Meatballs with Sweet & Spicy Mustard

A-Braisin’ In The Sun

Spicy Braised Beef over Manchego Cheese Grits with Over Easy Egg, Tomato Salsa, Cilantro-Scallion Oil, and Crispy Plantain Chips

Thankful Handful

Thankful Handful

…Grilled Herbed Turkey Burgers with Oyster & Sausage Rye Bread Stuffing and Cranberry-Mustard Vinaigrette on Butter-Toasted Potato Buns…. [Full Post…]

Southern Sea

Large shrimp dredged in seasoned cornmeal and flour, then deep-fried; tartar sauce of mayo, relish, lemon juice, and sriracha

For Kristen

…I needed to head to the supermarket for some 85/15 ground beef, and make a plain and simple bacon cheeseburger, medium rare, with American cheese, bacon, a slice of raw onion, a leaf of Boston lettuce, and a quick and easy burger sauce (tomato paste, mustard, brown sugar, worcestershire sauce, cider vinegar, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, fresh cracked pepper, and salt)…. [Full post]

Apple Of My (Rib)Eye

…I enjoyed a great, very tasty dinner of tender, juicy, crisped-on-the-edges steak with a hint of deep and intense, smoky coffee flavor, a bright and layered, sweet/sour/spicy steak sauce, and a light and airy fritter aromatic with the savory cornmeal yet finishing with the subtle sweetness flavor of apple…. []

A Day in the Life of Hamburger Buns

….Two were of a kind of steak burger prep, with steak sauce, raw and fried onions, and bacon. The other two had the addition of sweet and spicy elements, making a pineapple mustard from scratch, pickling raw onions in balsamic vinegar, and two slices of crispy bacon, and kicking the whole burger up with sweet relish and hot jalapeños. All four burgers sat very nicely on four toasted hamburger buns…. [Full post]

Seasonally Bipolar

Seasonally Bipolar

…The jalepeño·barbecue burger dog was a bit more of a revelation, if only in the dressing. I had never made that before, but after the first few bites of its smoky, tangy, sweet, and creamy properties—heightened by the acidic heat of the jalapeños, I immediately started to imagine all other future applications for it. I promise, this dressing will make a return!… [Full post]

Chili of the Sea

Chili of the Sea

…I then sliced two tilapia filets into big chucks and threw them in the pot with a can of whole clams (I wanted to represent—in a Sloppy Jill—the many layers of women, so I used a flake fish, a crustacean, and a bivalve), continuing to stir over medium low heat until the tilapia fell apart into flakes but kept their firmness, about 10 minutes. I then let it simmer for another 5 minutes, letting extra liquid steam off until giving the mixture its necessary chili-like consistency…. [Full post]

<small>UPDATE |</small> You Wanna Pizza Me…?!

UPDATE | You Wanna Pizza Me…?!

…I topped the cheese spread with slices of fresh mozzarella, then thinly sliced white mushrooms, and more thinly sliced scallops. I finished it with drizzles of olive oil and the juice of half a lemon, then popped that into a preheated oven set to broil…. [Full post]

My Little Burgers

My Little Burgers

Surf ‘n’ Turf Sliders | Bacon-Studded Mini Burgers Stuffed with Large Shrimp | Sweet Curry Mayo, Spicy Balsamic Ketchup

On My Own

On My Own

…As they fried, I heated a sauce of sriracha sauce, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, garlic powder, honey, chili powder, chili oil, sesame oil, and butter in a deep skillet, into which the wings—that had come out of the fryer and dried on some paper towels—got thrown into and tossed until fully coated… [Full post…]

24/7 Food Heaven, Dude!

24/7 Food Heaven, Dude!

…Stirring two cups of heavy cream into six whisked eggs, adding a little spicy brown mustard (eff you, Dijon…!), worcestershire sauce, liquid smoke, chili powder, tobasco sauce, garlic powder, salt, fresh cracked pepper, a pinch of nutmeg, stirring in two cups of shredded sharp cheddar cheese and a cup of baked ham, separating the liquid base into two frozen pie shells, sprinkling another cup of shredded cheese and a few shakes of paprika and chili powder on top of each pie, and placing the pies on the middle rack of a 375°-preheated oven…. [cont.]

White On Rice

White On Rice

…I started the risotto in a large, deep skillet by sautéing the white mushrooms, thinly sliced, in some olive oil salt and fresh cracked pepper. Then a cup of white rice was stirred in, making sure to coat them in the oil. Then—yes, a slow and steady process—I continued to stir the rice, spooning in some chopped garlic, then adding chicken stock, a little wine, and some water, for 15–20 minutes, finishing it with finely chopped cauliflower (earlier steamed), a little heavy cream, some shaved parmesan cheese, salt and fresh cracked pepper…. [Full post]