Landing On The Fairway

…On the third day, finally depleting my supply of the smoked salmon and sopprasata, I recreated my fried egg sandwich masterpiece, this time with camera ready…. [Full Post]

Fried Egg, Smoked Salmon, Sopprasata Sandwich

Baked Alaska

…Add to that the melange of flavors and aromas: the rich mustard with the soft, small pearls of punch, the cooling ginger, the kicky chili, the verdant dill, and the heady cognac, all of which bouyantly supported the flavors of the mouthful bites of the salmons without once overwhelming or masking them…. [Full Post]

Salmon Pot Pie

Pinche Bueno

…these razor clams, whose smooth, toothsome yet nicely creamy texture and deep, briny properties were deftly complimented by the kicky heat of the chili and sweetness of the caramelized garlic flavor in the oil…. [Full Post]

Razor Clams, Cantina by Cascabel

The New Fish Dish

Still excited about the new menu items at Dorrian’s Red Hand, in some part due to my having input into it. So now they/we offer—as part of their/our expanded entrée menu—a Teriyaki-Glazed Pan-Seared Salmon Filet, that is served over a crisp, warm salad of julienned veggies and some roasted potatoes.

Teriyaki-Glazed Pan-Seared Salmon Filet, Dorrian's Red Hand, UES, NYC

Upper Upper East Fried

…Fried fish sandwiches are a staple in the South—many neighborhoods hosting Fish Fry Fridays ritualistically—and stores in major cities that sell fresh, raw fish (especially the cheaper yet still flavorful and flaky whiting and porgy varieties) as well as fry them freshly breaded to order are as common in more urban areas like Harlem than Starbucks are anywhere in or near Yorkville… [Full Post]

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By Land and Sea

Surf ‘n’ Turf Meatloaf: Meatloaf of Ground Beef, Pork, and Lamb, with Chopped Tilapia and Large Shrimp, Topped with Bacon and a Sweet and Spicy Tomato Glaze; Bacon-Basil Sauce

Seaside On The West Side

…Their Lobster Roll Sliders offerings were not so much of the ilk of the suddenly ubiquitous lobster roll as it was a lobster salad sandwich, but a very good one at that. Chopped, fresh light, pieces of lobster tossed in a small dollop of mayo with some subtle seasoning and chopped celery surprisingly let the breezy flavor properties of the lobster nicely present and hit all the right notes, while being quietly supported by “double-buttered” brioche mini buns…. [Full post]

Mussel Head

…but I love mussels to be the “stars” of the dish, as they were here, plump and proud with their deep oceanic flavor and one of a kind texture accented on more than one level by porky ham strips, sweet onion, aromatic white and earthy garlic… [Full post]

Sea, Sea, Señorita

…The taste and aroma of saffron imparted wonderfully throughout the many elements of this dish while letting individual components speak for themselves. The mussels, by their very nature, a bit more earthy in taste than the clams, which countered by having a bigger, nicely briny belly. Both the shrimp and lobster meat cooked firm without becoming tough or stringy, and was a nice “spongy” conduit to all of the seasonings and residually cooked through oils…. [Full post]

Too Much Of A Good Thing

…The lightly buttered, toasted bread a more than capable dais on which to perch its tasty ingredients. The shrimp was prepared perfectly, firm but not tough. The cooling crab was nicely flaky and lumpy and full of deep sea taste. The lobster was so fresh you it took us out of the city and somewhere where sea mists cooled off our faces…. [Full post]

Luke’s Is On A Roll

Luke’s Is On A Roll

…Save a few gems, dining in his area was serviceable at best, offering a paucity of variety in types of cuisine and too many inconsistent purveyors if each. I was getting tired of having to travel down to the Lower East Side/East Vilalge for authentic dishes of arepas, currywurst, Italian roast pork, artisinal pizza, a decent plate of meatballs, and, yes, a yummy lobster roll… [Full Post]

Chili of the Sea

Chili of the Sea

…I then sliced two tilapia filets into big chucks and threw them in the pot with a can of whole clams (I wanted to represent—in a Sloppy Jill—the many layers of women, so I used a flake fish, a crustacean, and a bivalve), continuing to stir over medium low heat until the tilapia fell apart into flakes but kept their firmness, about 10 minutes. I then let it simmer for another 5 minutes, letting extra liquid steam off until giving the mixture its necessary chili-like consistency…. [Full post]

Back In Black

Back In Black

…Earthy and having both bitter and sweet notes, the Guinness was amped up by the salty sweetness of the soy sauce, the subtle richness of flavors in the fish sauce, and the woodsy bursts of the bites of olive, all of them together working magic with the mussels without the risk of overwhelming them…. [Full post]

<small><i>Quick Post</i> |</small> Pretty, Good, Breakfast

Quick Post | Pretty, Good, Breakfast

…I spooned the purée on the bottom of a plate, removed the sea bass from the pan and place it on top, then topped that with the fried egg yolk and an extra sprinkle of chili powder…. [Full post.]

Luke’s Is On A Roll

Luke’s Is On A Roll

…I was first impressed with the impact of genuine Maine lobster flavor, even with it seeming to be minimally seasoned, though seasoned quite properly. The tail and claw meat chunks were firm yet tender, moist, and were well served by an evenly and lightly toasted bun, and an extra dash (after a few bites) of their “secret” seasoning, cutely contained in a lobster claw-shaped dispenser…. [Full post]

Fire By The Sea

Fire By The Sea

Salmon Carpaccio | Scallion Salad | Seared Tuna with Lemon-Wasabi Dressing | Mini Apple Crunch

Friday Night Fish

…I marinated two tilapia filets in the sauce, then broiled them in the over, brushing on extra sauce every 5 minutes or so, and plated them with some rice I prepped with some turmeric, yellow mustard, and lime juice, and some lima beans in butter and tarragon leaves…. [Full Post]

Best of Both Worlds, Twice

Best of Both Worlds, Twice

…The great thing about chili is that you always have to make them in large batches, as I did. And, now I still have a whole bunch left over. Something to look forward to now, the following morning—this Christmas morning!—as I remember how chili improves over a couple of days in its chilled container…. [cont.]


Yo Quiero Cascabel!

…A silver tray carrying my gorditas were soon carried out to my table and immediately impressed me with their very appetizing presentation. The corn “buns” warm toasty warm and aromatic. The pork belly was especially nice since they retained the ration of lean pork to fatty pork that I like. I prefer a little more lean since, as opposed to other proteins, lean pork has plenty of flavor itself…. [cont.]


Suki To Me!

…So, yes, soup, salad, fried oysters, and three rolls should have rendered me food coma-ready, but something close to the opposite happened. My taste buds were gleefully entertained and my soul was sated, so I wound up feeling somewhat “lighter in spirit”…. [cont.]

Sushi Suki shrimp tempura roll

Oh, Snapper!

I PROMISED MYSELF THAT THIS week I would at least attempt to start eating healthy. Or healthi-er. So after last week’s fried food festival, I started today with a turkey sandwich on wheat and container of orange juice. Then, as I joined my friend, Danny, on a quick vehicular errand to retrieve sundries for his bar, I imagined what my next meal would be…. [cont.]


We Be Salmon…!

I’VE BEEN ASKED HOW I come up with some of my recipe ideas. At any given time I have a whole bunch of ideas “marinating”, shall we say, in my head. Usually, the source of their inspiration could be a random food item I happen across in the supermarket, a leftover ingredient in my fridge that I need to use before it goes, or an innocuous request of sorts from one of you!… [cont.]