Pork with “Pop”

Pork with “Pop”

APPLE COLA RIBS | Slow-Cooked Pork Country-Style Spareribs with Spiced Apple and Cola Sauce | RED BEANS + RICE

The Devil Went Down To Mexico

The Devil Went Down To Mexico

Tacos Diablo | Pulled, Hot Spice-Charred Pork Shoulder, Simmered in Cola, Sriracha, and Soy Saucewith Spicy Black Beans, Corn, and Scallions

Tacos Diablo

Ssäm I Am

…the percentage of lean, slowly roasted duck meat to the slightly rendered, protective layer of fat to the self-basted, crispy skin was outstanding to visually behold as well as slowly consume, enjoying the purity of it all at first that it took me a while to even address the possibilities of adding the condiments…. [Full Post]

Am I Blue?

…The burger is decent, nothing more. Plenty juicy, but lacking in any real identifiable flavor. I more “felt” the patties in my mouth as I chewed them than tasted them, lucky to have all those condiments and melted cheese slices to keep my taste buds occupied…. [Full Post]

Double Cheeseburger Combo, Blue 9 Burger

Si, Si!

…so I ordered a quarter of a tasty, juicy, nicely seasoned, and crackly-skinned chicken with a side of aromatic yellow rice and savory red beans. It comes with a bright and kicky herbal sauce, and for 12 bucks, including tip, I got a hot meal—more than I could finish—in quick time…. [Full post]

Like A Good Neighbor

…The side salad of arugula, fresh basil, cherry tomatoes and shaved parmesan was a perfect compliment to the dish, as was the wonderful glass of white wine, an Argentinian torrontés of bright, subtle citrus, apricot, and peach, with herbal hints, a nice “weight” (it doesn’t “coat” the inside of your mouth), and finishing clean enough that you can still enjoy the flavors of whatever you’re eating…. [Full post]

(Sub)Mission Accomplished

…Not overly seasoned, this is a deceptively light yet filling sandwich, with its unique flavors and textures—pliant pink slabs of meat with tongue-teasing, slightly burnt edges—it needed nothing more than the reliable platform of two slices of untoasted rye bread and a “wink” of mustard to shine…. [Full Post]

Too Much Of A Good Thing

…The lightly buttered, toasted bread a more than capable dais on which to perch its tasty ingredients. The shrimp was prepared perfectly, firm but not tough. The cooling crab was nicely flaky and lumpy and full of deep sea taste. The lobster was so fresh you it took us out of the city and somewhere where sea mists cooled off our faces…. [Full post]

Luke’s Is On A Roll

Luke’s Is On A Roll

…Save a few gems, dining in his area was serviceable at best, offering a paucity of variety in types of cuisine and too many inconsistent purveyors if each. I was getting tired of having to travel down to the Lower East Side/East Vilalge for authentic dishes of arepas, currywurst, Italian roast pork, artisinal pizza, a decent plate of meatballs, and, yes, a yummy lobster roll… [Full Post]

<small><i>Quick Post</i> |</small> Top Poppers!

Quick Post | Top Poppers!

… As I ate these, I thought about the many other fruits that would be served well by this preparation. Strawberries, even bananas (bacon wrapped?!?!?!) would make excellent options…. [Full post…]

Luke’s Is On A Roll

Luke’s Is On A Roll

…I was first impressed with the impact of genuine Maine lobster flavor, even with it seeming to be minimally seasoned, though seasoned quite properly. The tail and claw meat chunks were firm yet tender, moist, and were well served by an evenly and lightly toasted bun, and an extra dash (after a few bites) of their “secret” seasoning, cutely contained in a lobster claw-shaped dispenser…. [Full post]

Quick Post | Rib Tickling

…but I did make it worth my while by parboiling the ribs in orange soda (?!) and finishing them in the oven with a glaze of chili sauce, orange peel, crushed garlic and honey!… [cont.]

Fond of Defonte’s

Fond of Defonte’s

… No pimply-faced, faux slacker “sandwich artists” here; the real art obviously happens in the kitchen, and the proof is in the ingredients’ presentation, and in the exquisite smell of the place: more like a kitchen and less like a store. They were even baking cookies from scratch during my visit!
…. [Full post]