Oxed Lunch

Judy’s Spanish Restaurant | 1505 Lexington Ave. (bet. 97th & 98th Sts.) | 212.831.0193 | judysny.com

Oxtail Stew with Rice & Beans

Colombia On Lex

…Everything in the shop was made from scratch, including the dough for their arepas, as well as the masa more typically (if less commonly here in the states) used as the “shell” for their empanadas, stuffed with aromatically seasoned stew beef/chicken, deep-fried to order, and served to me in mere minutes piping hot…. [Full Post]

Oh. Mah. Jong!

….My favorites were the Spanish Breakfast (you had me at “chorizo”, then kept me at “runny, poached egg”!), and the Run Forrest, with its simple prep, letting the shrimp flavor flow through the tender, only slightly toothsome dumpling skin, complimented nicely by the mellowed citrus kick of the tomato salsa, and needing only the smallest dip into the the side dipping sauce…. [Full Post]

Short and Sweet

…It was a very tasty and juicy cut of meat, nicely seasoned, slicing tenderly, and perfectly grizzled on its edges. A house-made chimichurri sauce brightened each feral and earthy bite with fresh herbal notes and peppery highlights…. [Full post]