With A Little Help From My Friends

…I sautéed shiitake and oyster mushrooms with diced pancetta, and scallions, added some heavy cream, a bit of dijon mustard, some salt, fresh cracked pepper, celery salt, and a dash of nutmeg, then stirred in a half cup each of swiss, fontina, and parmesan cheese until I had a nice, aromatic creamy, gooey sauce…. [Full Post]

Sweet and Simple

…What did stand out—to me at least—was their options for savory toppings, including pretzels, tortilla chips, and, yes, wasabi pies! I decided to get a medium cup of the strawberry Fruizo (their other default flavors being banana and mango), and topped it with the wasabi peas, some pretzels, and some sliced almonds, which were a wonderful contrast flavor- and texture-wise to the robust sweetness of the strawberry in the icy, creamy-without-dairy, flavor Fruizo…. [Full post]

Summer Breeze

Funky Cold Medinas | Sugar Cookies Ice Cream Sandwiches with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Orange Marmalade, Nutella, and Fresh Mint

Still Thankful, Days Later….

….So I had a whole turkey leg—perfect, white and dark meat!—and some smoked ham, both leftover from the Thanksgiving meals I bought for myself locally while I hibernated for the rest of the holiday weekend. Monday, I ventured to Food Emporium (where I happily ran into two, separate dear friends, Emily, and Deidre, who I both know from the bar where I work) to get the rest of the ingredients for me to make my Good Housekeeping-style recipe:…. [cont.]