Hot “Hand”

Ragin’ Cajun Burger | Jalapeño Relish, Pepperjack Cheese, Cool Ranch Dressing | Dorrian’s Red Hand | 1616 2nd Ave. (corner of 84th) | 212.772.6660 |

Dorrian's Ragin' Cajun Burger

Oxed Lunch

Judy’s Spanish Restaurant | 1505 Lexington Ave. (bet. 97th & 98th Sts.) | 212.831.0193 |

Oxtail Stew with Rice & Beans

Coming In Handy

The “Red Hand” Burger | with Ham, Melted Cheddar, Fried Onions | Dorrian’s Red Hand Restaurant | 1616 2nd Ave. (at 84th St.) | 212.772.6660 |

The "Red Hand" Burger

Back In Red

Red’s Char-Grilled Hot Dogs | Street Fair Booth, Various Locations | |

Nacho Dog

Ribs At Hand

Ribs At Hand

BBQ Spareribs | Corn on the Cob, Country-Style Biscuit, Coleslaw | Dorrian’s Red Hand | 1616 2nd Ave. (corner of 84th) | 212.772.6660 |

BBQ Spareribs

Red Classic

Classic Dorrian’s Cheeseburger | Shoestring Fries | Dorrian’s Red Hand | 1616 2nd Ave. (corner of 84th) | 212.772.6660 |

Classic Dorrian's Cheeseburger

Yum, Massamum

Spice Noodle | 1744 1st Ave. (Bet. 90th & 91st Sts.) | 212.369.5019 | | |

Spice Noodle Beef Massamum Curry


…Properly seasoned beef finely minced to an almost silky texture, earthy fresh olives, robust and salty anchovies, floral and only slightly bitter greens, mellow and homey parmesan, all make for several great bites…. [Full Post]

Tartare Pizza

Dive Into The Seahorse Tavern

…The Seahorse Tavern represents a long overdue post for real adults to chow down on some down-home chowder, sling back some raw Blue Point oysters with a pint of Blue Moon Belgian Wheat Ale, or enjoy Basque-style mussels and lemon sole with a friend or date over a bottle of moschofilero from Greece…. [Full Post]

Cod | The Seafood Tavern

Achin’ For Jamaican

…I got to enjoy a most excellent meal, enjoying meats layered with flavors from obvious hours of slow cooking with a wide array of spices, infusing the both the tender juicy chicken and slide-of-the-bone oxtail meat with hearth, heartiness, and heart…. [Full Post »]

Curry Chicken, Oxtails, Rice & Beans, Mac & Cheese

Families First at “2nd” on First

…The pastrami teeming with flavor, and not just from its perfectly warmed and rendering fat, adding just the right amount of moisture to every bite. The lean folds highlighted the beef’s natural earthiness and nuanced sweetness. The rye bread added aromatic hints, and the kicky, textured grain mustard made sure the every taste bud got something to enjoy….. [Full Post]

Hot Pastrami & Liverwurst on Rye | 2nd Avenue Deli

Am I Blue?

…The burger is decent, nothing more. Plenty juicy, but lacking in any real identifiable flavor. I more “felt” the patties in my mouth as I chewed them than tasted them, lucky to have all those condiments and melted cheese slices to keep my taste buds occupied…. [Full Post]

Double Cheeseburger Combo, Blue 9 Burger

Landing On The Fairway

…On the third day, finally depleting my supply of the smoked salmon and sopprasata, I recreated my fried egg sandwich masterpiece, this time with camera ready…. [Full Post]

Fried Egg, Smoked Salmon, Sopprasata Sandwich

Pinche Bueno

…these razor clams, whose smooth, toothsome yet nicely creamy texture and deep, briny properties were deftly complimented by the kicky heat of the chili and sweetness of the caramelized garlic flavor in the oil…. [Full Post]

Razor Clams, Cantina by Cascabel

Germanic Monday

…The sausage loaf had the texture of a refined thick slice of good bologna, and was flavored by a rich combination of spices. This was a great dais for the soft-fried egg and a hit a ground mustard, which together augmented the leberkäse’s unctuousness and almost guilty amount of porkiness. The runny yolk of the egg, which I’m always a fan of, evenly integrated the texture dichotomies between the hot protein and the chilled finely chopped yet still toothsome potato salad…. [Full Post]

Wiener a la Holstein with Homefries & Red Cabbage