Almost Lost and Luckily Found

…I first noticed the decor, then the menu, then the food—which all looked impressing and appetizing—and, after finally getting permission, was aloud to take some photos of some of the good stuff I was looking at…. [cont.]

Wafeler’s Travels

..I took a quick look at the menu to refamiliarize myself with all of the yummy options, rendered immediately moot once I saw the BACON SYRUP WAFEL special scribbled on the chalkboard on the side of the truck! I ordered one while perusing the truck for the rest of its wares and watching the wafel-makers create other customer’s dishes… [cont.]

I’m Hungry and Anita Dumpling…!, Pt. 2

SO MANY OF YOU HAVE asked why do I go on all of these food excursions by myself. The answer is, because I’m anti-social. No, I’m just joking. I usually go during the day when many of you are busy at your offices slaving away for “The Man” (or Woman)”. I always encourage my friends to join me when they can, and this evening, one of them did…. [cont.]


I’m Hungry and Anita Dumpling…!, Pt. 1

…These were so good they were gone before I could even remember to take some “half-eaten” shots of the dumplings. Neither Danny nor I could choose a favorite, although we enjoyed them both. The dumpling “skin” was thin enough to be translucent, as you can see in the pictures, so the featured flavors are that of the stuffing—layered, textured, nicely seasoned, and easily discernible in their many fresh ingredients—and not the dough…. [Full post…]